Event report June 2nd 9PM〜 English Discussion “Asian hate crime”


On June 2nd, we had a discussion about “Asian Hate Crime”.

We talked with participants from China, the United States, and Japan about racial discrimination in Asia, mainly in the United States.

I felt that frank opinions came out from each country, but it was not a quarrel, and it was a valuable exchange of opinions.

After all, the distortion of information by the media and the big gap caused by the propaganda battle between the United States and China are the main causes of Asian hate crimes, and at the same time, the weight of human rights for countries that do not have and the human rights of rich countries are different, and there are each. I felt that there was a structure in which the perspective of the country had become a blind spot.

What I think after having exchanged languages ​​for about 4 years is

“When you see your face, people try to understand and be considerate of others, even if they are enemies.”

about it.

Rather than unilaterally expressing opinions without looking at the other person’s face on SNS or media, it seems that interaction through two-way communication is a realistic means to eliminate discrimination and conflict. It was a discussion that strengthened my personal feelings.

I was very impressed.

Next time, the theme is “Nursing home”. It will be an event where you can hear the aging situation of each country . looking forward to!

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